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bean_stillness's Journal

Bean Stillness
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owner: nverland

Moderators: nverland, tularia

Layout by the incomparable elrawien

Images snagged from beanbox.com and bean_daily and around the web

Rules for the community

1-This is a stills contest community. That means no animation, hence still. Animated entries will not be accepted.

2-Contest entries are to be made from the posted photos only. You may use brushes, text, etc to create your icon. Entries must be in GIF, JPG, and PNG format. 40kb and 100x100 MAX

3-Icons are not to be posted anywhere else until after voting has closed.

4-Place all entries as a comment to the challenge post.

5-You have 2 weeks to get your entries in. Entries are closed on Friday nights at midnight Mountain time (-7 GMT)

6-Voting will last for 2 days after a voting post is made. Please vote for your favorite 2 icons. Do not vote for yourself or tell others which entries are yours. You may direct people here to vote though.

7-Entries will be unlocked after voting and are snaggable. If you do not want your entries unlocked or available after the contest, please say so when you enter them. If you take an icon, please let the artist know, thank them and give credit.

8-Banners for the winners will be made and posted as the banner maker(s) have the time. Patience is a virtue.

9-You do not have to be a member of the community to vote. All voting is screened. Anonymous votes are not accepted. Vote comments with more than 2 or less than 2 choices will not be accepted.

10-If anyone would like to volunteer as a banner maker, please contact nverland to make arrangements.

11-Have fun, enjoy yourself, and promote us around. More people means more entries, means more fun.


viggo_stills - Viggo Mortensen


orli_stillness - Orlando Bloom
miranda_stills - Miranda Otto
liv_stillness - Liv Tyler
ewanstillness - Ewan McGregor
hunnam_stills - Charlie Hunnam
keira_stills - Kiera Knightly
jackman_stills - Hugh Jackman
jrm_stills - Jonathan Rhys Meyers
keira_stillness - Kiera Knightly
maura_stillness - Maura Tierney
gyllenstills - Jake & Maggie Gyllenhaal
ioan_stillness - Ioan Gruffudd
craig_stillness - Craig Parker
haydenicontest - Hayden Christiansen
scarlettstills - Scarlett Johansson
hugo_challenge - Hugo Weaving
eric_icontest - Eric Bana
viggo_stills - Viggo Mortensen
lando_stills - Orlando Bloom
karl_stillness - Karl Urban


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Fandom Communities


If you want to be affiliates, just leave a comment on the most recent post and I'll add you back. :) Any question you may have, contact nverland.