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Week 16 - Challenge
nverland wrote in bean_stillness
* You may enter up to three icons, one for each photo and/or one for blended.
* Stills only - no animation.
* You may use only these pictures, but backgrounds/brushes/lighting effects/etc. are okay.
* If you are unsure about anything concerning entries, please see the rules list HERE
* Challenge ends on FridayMay 27, 2016 at midnight Mountain time (-7GMT)

All icons are snaggable with credit unless you specify otherwise in your entries posted below. That means if you don't want your icon used by others, say so when you post your entries.

Snaggers: Please have the courtesy to say 'Thank you' to the creator if you use their icons

Click for full sized

 photo a.jpg

 photo b.jpg

 photo c.jpg


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