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Week 15 - Voting
nverland wrote in bean_stillness
Thank you everyone for entering. (YAY! We did it!)

* Vote for 3 (THREE) icons, no more, no less
* Voting ends Friday, March 25 @ midnight Mountain (-7GMT)
* Do not vote for your own entries
* Do not ask others to vote for your entries, but you may send others over here to vote!

(also, I've lost the link for the set-up, so we're doing something different)

01)-  photo 01.jpg

02)-  photo 02.jpg

03)-  photo 03.jpg

04-)-  photo 04.png

05)-  photo 05.png

06)-  photo 06.jpg

07)-  photo 07.jpg

08)-  photo 08.jpg

09)-  photo 09.jpg

10)- photo 10.png

11)- photo 11.jpg

12)- photo 12.jpg

13)- photo 13.jpg

14)- photo 14.jpg

15)- photo 15.png



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